09 January 2015

Organizing Friday~ 4 Easy Steps!

I am going to share with you what I did last week and what my plan is for this week is, but first, the basic steps I take when organizing.
1. Stuff that goes together or is the same, stays together. 
All the CD's are in one place. All the cleaning supplies, all the linens etc.

2. Give it a HOME
A place for everything, everything in it's place (sometimes)

3. Make the space work for you
If you need a basket, storage, whatever it takes to make it work in it's designated space, do that.

4. Label, tag, name
Whatever you call it, don't leave a box or bin full of unknown. Save yourself some time later on, label that bin or box or basket.

That's it! Those are the only 4 steps it takes to organize anything.

I maybe shouldn't have called it organizing, it was more just put together. We don't use our front entry much, we typically use the garage, but I am thinking I could do a little more sprucing up out here to make it feel a little more inviting, maybe a basket underneath the bench or something. I will have to see what I can find at the thrift shops.

This week I am working on the kids drop zone. 
It's a makeshift mud area in the garage. It has been used and abused for months now. Hasn't been set straight since we moved in. 

Those shoes need a good purge and sorting. The whole thing needs some cleaning and I need to follow my own advice and LABEL the baskets and bins. The boys especially don't care which basket they throw their mittens and gardening gloves into.

Before long this might be too small! Once Hawkins needs a shoe bin we might need to reconfigure this set up. But for now, in this rental, we will make it work.


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