07 January 2015

Morning Routine for busy Mom's

My routine hasn't changed much over the years, it works for me for the most part.
And NO way does this happen everyday. Anyone who says every morning runs this smooth is fibbing or has super powers. This is how my morning runs on a perfect day. Most days there is a varying amount that gets done, out of order some days and none of it on those bad days. Those are all ok with me. I just like to have a vision of what the perfect morning would be like. How can you work towards something if you don't know what it is. Right now, with a 3 month old it's really hit or miss on what happens in the morning.

That is my basic morning, I have a much more detailed list in my planner. But it's probably too detailed and specific to work for anyone else.

What does your perfect Mommy morning look like? Ya know, other than sleeping in. Do you have a routine? If not, here are some tips on getting started!

1. Write down what MUST be done before it's time to go, detailed.

2. Figure out how long that will take you (then add 10-20 minutes just to be safe) 
If you have to leave by 8 and it's 90 minutes worth of work, you know what time that alarm needs to go off!

3.Write down the things you WANT to do in the mornings. Adjust your time to reflect those items.
If that leaves your alarm at an hour you just cannot accept, some of those want items can wait.
Try prepping some of those MUST do items the night before, leaving time in the morning for some of those WANT items!

4. Practice, refine and make it work.
For me it wasn't easy to just pop up at 4:45 one day. I slowly started moving it back about 30 minutes until I had it easier most days then moved it back again. 

I am going to share my weeknight prep list soon!


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