01 January 2015

Monthly Resolution January

Resolution, Goal, whatever you call it. I have a LOT I need to change and I know I can't do it all at once. Well, I probably could try and end up in the nut house! Starting each new month with something to give up or change. In January it's Starbucks. I am not nearly as bad as I used to be but November and December are by far the hardest months for me and Starbucks and our not good for me relationship. Now it's not JUST Starbucks, it's all paid for coffee, no Dutch Bros, no little in town coffee drive through, I need to be done with it all. If I can do it for a month I can do it for longer.

Why I am giving it up AGAIN? There really is only 2 reasons.

1. The $$$$$$
Good night can those lattes add up?! To the tune of $700+ dollars a year if I go ONLY 3 times a week! Ouch! That is a couch and I like couches a lot more than coffee!
2. The Calories
Nothing I want to drink from there is low in calories or even remotely healthy.
There isn't a reason I should be going anyway, I can make coffee at home and none of these places are really close to me so they are all more work! My plan to avoid paid for coffee is to make sure I have coffee at home, I have re-usable K cups so ground coffee is all I need. Spend a little bit on some syrup for every once in a while and keep prepping the coffee maker at night.

In addition to NOT buying drinks, since I know I will be tempted, every time I say no to that $4+ drink I am moving that amount to savings. If I thought I could afford to spend it on coffee then I for sure can afford to put it in savings. Refining what we spend our money on and saving all at once.


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