02 January 2015

Making our House a Home

Since we moved in to our rental in November it hasn't felt like home, just a house. I realized that a LOT of that is my attitude. I've been feeling down. I can work on my attitude about our current situation, because I KNOW it's not permanent but it's not the only thing not working. I think the feeling like we are just treading water and not really making progress is what has had me feeling down. Time to make the most of the time we are here and try to refine what we can until our next project comes along.
Things like
~What we spend our time dealing with at home
~What we do with our free time
~How we spend money

None of those are a 1 time thing, or easy. It's going to be a process, and I need to get on it. I think the busyness will help my attitude too. Since it's not something I HAVE to do but something I am choosing to do, being a good steward of my time and our money is important to me.

It's not just about the cleaning and organizing, there are other things that make it feel homey and I haven't been doing them or setting a good example. Sharing my struggles to do better everyday.  Hopefully someone else can relate to all the crazy!

I'm going to focus on mornings first, since that is when our day starts. It needs to run smooth and be a happy time. I don't want to send hubby or kids out the door with anything but a happy heart. I'll share how our perfect morning would go soon!

Hope you will join me this year in making a house a home.


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