16 January 2015

~~Blessing Jar~~

Our kids are pretty sweet in general, but to encourage them to look for opportunities to be a blessing to each other and to others I made this jar. Nothing fancy, just a mason jar and a little tag.

I have a stash of these Pom Poms (even in Valentine Colors!)

and rather than only verbalizing how proud I am of these kids, I want them to see how much they can do and how quickly it will fill up if we are looking for chances to help each other. I might even swap out the things we use as filler, to match the season.
When it is all full we will do something special!

This sweet heart baby was SO excited to put some in this morning. Look at that face!
He is in PJ's today because big sister has pajama day at school, and the orthodontist. Mr. felt like he needed them all day too. I am about to go out looking like a bad mama dragging her kids all over town in PJ's hehe.