04 November 2014

Office Organization

 New House means new organizing. We had our little office in a cupboard before. I needed to find a way to keep our day to day life organized. Somewhere for the permission slips to be seen, bills and calendars to be managed and our Home Management Binder to be kept. I couldn't handle the chaos, most of it in my head, that seemed to be happening so after 3 short days here, the office in a cupboard is back! I already feel a little better about the whole not being unpacked thing.
Our photo boxes are the perfect size to hold excess office supplies, extra checkbooks, envelopes and wax sealer along with other mailing supplies, and then I have one for my planner supplies and one for camera accessories. Keeping just these small boxes helps me from going overboard on the office supplies and keeps things together. I really should label them already!
The magnetic board is just a piece of tin than I put a piece of scrap booking paper over, it's only held on by magnets.  We use the command strips and the little hooks to attach it to the cabinet. 
The printer and paper are in the cabinet below, they are rarely used so I don't mind hauling them out if I need them.
 Even when the rest of the house is a mess, or in boxes, this little area usually stays tidy. I think that is why it is my favorite!

Do you have a home office? A whole room or just an area?

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