09 October 2014

Home Management Binder to Personal Planner

I've been using my Home Management Binder for a few years now.
I love it, I don't know what I would do without it, but it's also HUGE and so much of it I don't need everyday. I made a change about a year ago to a smaller planner that will fit in my purse, granted I use a pretty large purse.

Recently I have been needing my HMB less and my planner like crazy!
I need to separate them and keep my HMB in the cupboard for emergencies and back-up, instead of for everyday.

For everyday use I am going to use my small planner. I am currently using this Martha Stewart one
 It's not holding up THAT well, the edges are a little rough looking. I am hoping to be able to splurge on a Filofax soon. If only I could decide on a color, and then find a deal!
I am leaning towards this color, unless I can find the yellow somewhere!

I need to split my sections up into 2, some for my HMB, things I don't need everyday, or even every week. Then the stuff I cannot make it through the week without!

I could make this a crazy long post, I'll keep it as short as I can!

What I am keeping in my HMB?
~Kids School Calendar
~Kids School info
Financial Folder with
~Checkbook and Register
~List of the accounts with #'s and phone numbers for company
~Savings envelopes
~Monthly Debt Goals. I keep track of what we pay off each month.
Must Have Info
~Personal info, like SSN, birth certificates etc.
~Immunization Records
~Financial Goals
~Life Goals

What I am moving to my planner?
~Wipe Clean Weekly Menu
~Daily Chores
~Daily To Do list
~Meal Planning Section
~Daily Schedule
 And a few more I will be sharing soon!

And I may have been going a little crazy with the stamps and stickers, but it just makes it more fun to look at, and believe me, I have to look at it a TON! I have lack of sleep, new baby brain and am SO forgetful these days! There are SO many cute stickers and options for planners right now,  I am loving these!


I can't wait to share some more planner stuff in a few days!


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