01 September 2014

#1 Way We Make Mornings Smooth!

Alright, even though I said we were just going to wing things, the anxiety of unknown is getting to me a teeny bit and I feel like our breakfast schedule is something that needs to stick around!

I shared last year (or a few years before) here, and it's not really that different now. Just want to share a little more details about how we start our mornings!

We still use our Good Morning Basket
It has the kids chore packs, granola, brown sugar, and now vitamins along with our devotionals. 

Here is our weekly breakfast schedule!

Monday~Pancakes, fruit and sausage/bacon
I prefer to make our own pancakes, and add some vanilla protein powder to them! We have picky kids who don't really like a whole lot of protein items.

Tuesday~Oatmeal and Toppings
We pretty much always have some fruit for on top, kids occasionally get some peanut butter or chocolate chips on top too!

Wednesday~Yogurt and Fluff
fruit and granola on top. Each of our kids like theirs a little different!

Thursday~Waffles with Nut Butter
Last I shared, we were using a different brand. We are all big fans of Wild Friends Nut Butters!
There are other flavors too! My favorite is the chocolate sunflower seed!

Friday~Cereal and Fruit
By Friday we need an easy breakfast! Sometimes we just have scrambled eggs and toast or a mini bagel and fruit but cereal is the standby. I don't love giving the kids cereal and when we do it's usually boring with no sugar, chocolate or marshmallows. Not hard to convince them to have something else!


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