15 May 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~Week 19

Last week was the linen closet, it really wasn't much work, I had been working on it looking for something (a clear sign it needed help) so it was easy! Ours is a funny little nook.


And I know this is nothing special or especially pretty. If it were up to me I would much rather look at something like these

and I especially love this one!

And this week I am going to work on our coat closet, it's also our seasonal storage. I haven't been getting as much out so I really need to go through it ALL! I am on modified bed rest and am not supposed to lift so it might be a little trickier than usual. 

It doesn't look terrible in this picture but it also goes back and to the side, very deceiving!

And it also needs a good vacuuming! 


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