31 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 14

Finally broke down and went grocery shopping!

Now that we have some groceries around here I have no excuse not to stick to it.

I cooked two times the ground beef so I can skip that later this week.

Planning on making a big bath of chicken too.

Wednesday~Sheppard's Pie
Using the rest of the Ground Beef
Thursday~Tortellini and Chicken with Pesto
To use some of the chicken and have something easy to throw together
Friday~Salmon and roasted veggies
I need easy by the end of the week!

We have plans that day,  I know I won't get around to making anything if I don't throw it in the crock pot. Hoping I still have some pumpkin!

Sunday~Stir Fry
Easiest way to use the rest of the veggies that need to be used up!


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