03 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 10


This week is already full of issues! I am home sick from work today, just hoping I feel better before someone else gets sick! Doing my best to stick with easy meals this week, and some repeats. Although, if I don't make it to the grocery store we are having PBnJ's all week.

Monday~Meatball Stroganoff
We didn't have it last week, too many leftovers!

Tuesday~Teriyaki Stir Fry
We got some super noodles at Costco last trip there, the kids loved them and they are easy to throw together.

Wednesday~Mini Pizzas
Kids favorite!
We just roll out caned biscuits and top them with pizza stuff and bake like the package directs.

Thursday~Ravioli and Salads

Friday~PB and Bacon Sandwiches
Easy fave over here, and good for the budget!

Saturday~Chicken with Rice and veggies
I like to hide the veggies in some cream of chicken soup ( homemade, not canned)

Sunday~Chicken Tortilla Soup
Been craving big time, and it's so easy!
Check the crock pot recipe out here


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