05 March 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~Week 9

Meal Planning was what I needed to get organized this week.
And as weird as it seems I think I actually made it less fussy than it was!
What I was using before worked just fine
But it took a lot of time. I don't have to be as strict while I will be home. 
I will still be making a monthly plan and then make a weekly plan from there each week.

The Monthly Plan has to happen before I can go grocery shopping. We only grocery shop 1 big time per month. Then usually a milk/produce run a couple times in between. 

I do have a list of (I think) every dinner we eat. I have a few different pages. 1 for chicken, 1 for beef, pork. Misc. I have it this way because sometimes we are getting close to the end of the chicken order before the next one comes in I like to have a smaller list to hunt through.

I still choose to make it as easy for myself as I can. If I am going to bake chicken it's gonna be for 2 meals minimum. If I am cooking a big ol' roast the leftovers are for sure going to be used soon! Just like I typically schedule beef stroganoff within a day or two of beef roast. I will use the broth to make the sauce and toss the leftover beef in it. Hardly any extra cooking!

I did pair down our recipe magazine, book collection. I had SO many and I know I won't really use many of them. I have just enough to fit in the cupboard. Wasn't really much work. I don't use them often so I don't feel like they have to be that accessible. 

This week will be our "office" area and lordy does it need help! We have so many papers and piles from taxes and other stuff going on! I am excited to get it back in order!


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