03 February 2014

Meal Plan Monday~Week 6

Our weekend was filled was craziness, 2 birthday parties and then the Super Bowl. I haven't prepped anything and I have no idea what is in our fridge! Chances are this plan will change once I have recovered enough from the weekend to actually LOOK in the fridge! I would rather not have to spend any additional money on this weeks meals. Hoping these will work out that way! We have big budget goals for February too!

Monday~Pizza.. It's our girly's birthday today!
I have NO idea how 7 years have passed since that day! I can remember SO much about it, feels like it has been weeks, maybe months but absolutely not years.

Tuesday~ Beef Stew with lentils, cause I didn't make it last week! Horse riding lessons start again, 6-8 PM. I have NO idea when the actual eating of dinner is going to happen.

Wednesday~Probably leftovers, chicken taco's as a backup
Something with Chicken is always my backup!

Thursday~Chicken Chili, because I will already have chicken thawed and mostly ready!

Friday~Grilled Cheese and Soup. By the end of the week I am going to be ready for easy!

Saturday~Turkey. I really need to make some room in the freezer! Hopefully I remember to take it out in enough time to thaw! Always the problem I run into.

Sunday~Leftovers with Turkey. Probably Wild Rice and Turkey Soup.


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