10 February 2014

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 7

I did SO much better with last week's meal plan, although we had sick kids and were snowed in so I had a little extra time. I didn't get the turkey out though! And we haven't been ANYWHERE in days thanks to foot of snow and ice we got over the weekend. I am just planning on using what we have at home and hoping I swing enough meals.

Monday~Potato Soup
Check it out HERE

Tuesday~Make That Darn Turkey!
I like to put orange slices under the skin and just a little butter on top towards the end. Nothing too fancy!

Wednesday~Steak Quesadilla's

Thursday~Turkey Sheppard's Pie (using leftovers!)
For the kids, I just layer some turkey and gravy, corn or whatever veggie for the day, a little cheese and then mashed potatoes in a little ramekin. 

Friday~It's Valentines Day! I think we will get take-out!

Saturday~ Turkey Enchilada Bake
This will be a new recipe.
I am just going to layer some tortillas, turkey, sauce, cheese and probably some olives.
I am going to use green enchilada sauce and blend as much spinach in it as I can.

Sunday~Ham and roasted veggies!


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