05 February 2014

February goals!

We are a few days in, I am a little late. Seems to be my trend the last few weeks! Some of our goals will be the same as January, some new ones!
1. One of my goals in January was to put an extra $1000 towards debt. That goal is continuing into February! 
2. Build our savings a little more. I know lots of people are doing the $1-$52 per week. I'm not sure that would work for us, putting $200 away right around the holidays. But I love the idea!
3. Meal plan & stick to it! Going to aim low, high for me right now, and say 3 days a week!
4.  Schedule in my planner! Been horrible about just writing dates down and not times and no idea what half these dates are, leaving me scrambling!
5.Water! I think this will still be a challenge for me, even though I did pretty good in January!
6. Stick to 52 weeks of Organizing Plan. Loved this in January, think February will be great too!
7. Deep Clean Bathrooms
8. Still avoiding fast food!
9. Spend more time at home!
10. Find 3 more better alternatives for groceries.

The Plan
1. Stick to my budget, no extra spending, not relying on overtime, 1 trip to target per week.
2. The savings plan that is so popular is about $125/month. I am ok with $25 a week and getting close enough. Setting it up automatically for Fridays!
3. I have no problem making a meal plan, sticking to it with crazy hours has been the tricky part. Prep on weekends!
4. I need to just bring it with me everywhere again, that will help!
5. Keep on with the cold water in the fridge
6.So far it's been going well.With some of my other goals it should be even easier
7. A little each week is the plan
8. Pack ahead, plan ahead
9. NO MORE OVERTIME! And I have a new schedule at work, both of those should really help!
10. Leave a little extra time at the grocery store to read labels.


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