27 February 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 8

Last week was just counters and under the sink.
I did go through that monster basket of dish rags and towels, napkins and aprons and tossed about half in the donate pile.
I did decide I can add another garbage holder under there for recycling! We have just been stacking it up and taking it out in the evening. 

Counters are always a rotating mess/clean. 

This week is Meal Planning and Recipe organization.
Right now I have don't have a method that is working ok, but not well enough. Things are changing around here so I am going to try to work out a method that will be efficient for our new routines. 

How do y'all meal plan? Decide what new recipe's to try? Any tips to make it LESS time consuming? 
Or do you just not bother with it at all?


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