19 February 2014

52 weeks of Organizing~ Week 7

The pantry, sometimes I dread managing it! It's not perfect but we have slowly been finding things that work for us to store stuff. 

I start with each shelf, checking expiration dates, making sure stuff is put back with the soonest expiration dated things up front. We don't want to waste anything. 

I try to group like things near each other. Breakfast stuff all together, baking stuff together etc. I think it helps me spend less time looking for stuff when I need it!

I try to make the kids stuff as easy to get to as possible. The kids snacks are all together in a bin where they can reach. Ours are old enough to get themselves snacks and they get to choose parts of their own lunches for school also.

Nothing worth taking pictures of. Same old same, just tidier  :)
This post about how I organize kid snacks helped shape how I organize the pantry!
Our snack bin is much bigger now but same concepts!

This week I plan to tackle under the sink and on top of the counters!

We have too many napkins, towels, rags etc. I never even get into those ones! Time to purge most of them!
Our poor counter is still recovering from birthday craziness.

What do you keep under your sink?

Shouldn't be too hard to take care of this stuff though! 
Hope everyone is having a good week! 


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