05 February 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 5

Last week was dealing with kid dishes!
This has always been a struggle. Getting these kids to take the top one, and not hunt for the color they want has been a pain!

Problem solved with these dishes, all the same and a little more grown up. They take up a little more room but since we have been purging there was plenty of room. Haven't found cups yet, thankfully we have enough party cups to last a long time!

Now we have an empty drawer. I am sure in all this organizing, moving stuff around, we will find a better use for the drawer.

How do you keep the plastic dishes tidy at your house?

This week is the Fridge and Freezer and goodness do they need the help!
One of our darling children left the bag of frozen blueberries open and they are all over the freezer!
I also have lost track of what all is in there while things have been crazy.
Excited to get it back in order!
When I clean the fridge and freezer I take everything out and wipe the shelves and sides with warm water and a magic eraser. Haven't had anything I couldn't get off yet! I also check the expiration date on things in the doors. Those seem to be the things that don't get used or checked often enough.


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