27 January 2014

Meal Plan Week #5

This is the roughest week of the month for us, I don't want to go to the grocery store yet (but I did) and by the end of the day I am too tired to think about cooking for a week! 
Whining over.. gotta do it once in a while

Monday~Chicken, Pasta & Veggies
Easy and everyone will at it!

Tuesday~Beef and lentil stew
A little intimidated by the lentils in this, I'll share if it turns out to not be a flop!

Wednesday~Steak and Potatoes
Cheating this week and using the precooked steak bites from Costco

Thursday~Chicken Tacos

Friday~Mini Pizza
Everyone makes their own, no complaining!

I need something easy!

We have 2 Birthday Parties this weekend, I am sure we will have plenty of leftovers!

Hoping this meal planning gets easier to stick with and plan. Been rough so far!


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