29 December 2013

Meal Plan Monday Week #1

It's almost a shiny new year!
One of my goals is to keep up on the meal planning, and sticking with it!
I'm not perfect, things come up, and we don't eat all organic but I am doing my best to keep our budget on track and limit the stress that can go on at meal time. We usually like to eat dinner around 6:00. This means I can't wait until 4 to decide what to make!  I am hoping to share our meal plan every Monday. While I will try to avoid duplicate weeks, we have some picky eaters and I find that sticking to what we know and love saves on the budget too. The less new ingredients we buy, the less we are spending.
Some of these recipes will be new to me, ones I haven't tried yet, those are the iffy days.
Today is my birthday and a weekend, that means I haven't cooked much the last few days, I miss it!
With this cold weather I am still loving the comfort foods!
Monday~ Pork Roast and Mashed Potatoes
We keep things simple with pork roast. Crock pot, chicken stock, thyme, cumin, carrots and celery salt (no one here likes celery) a little Worcestershire sauce and some white wine. I don't ever measure. But I would guess 1 Tbsp. of W sauce, 1/3C wine, 1 12 oz. can of stock, and 1/2 Tbsp. of spices. We will have something green too. Probably green beans.
Tuesday~ We will probably get pizza tonight. Happy New Years!
Wednesday~ BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches and salads
Using leftover Pork, pulling a few burger buns out of the freezer and an easy salad.
Thursday~ Meatloaf & steamed cauliflower
Growing up there were never onions in anything, hubby doesn't like them so nothing I make has onions in it. I know onions are a staple in lots of meatloaf recipes. None here, but I do add some other stuff I have been told is a little weird! I use ground beef or turkey, or both. Oats or cooked brown rice instead of bread crumbs (I rarely measure, just add until it looks right), and I add 1/2C ish of sunflower seed kernels. Then just the regular seasoning and cook time!
Friday~ Baked Chicken w/veggies & sauce
I know I will have time to bake some chicken, and I can usually hide some veggies in sauce (homemade cream of chicken soup) and some rice or pasta, whichever we have more of.
Saturday~ Goulash from All She Cooks 
Haven't tried this one before!
Sunday~ Chicken Enchiladas
Using the rest of the chicken I baked the other day, and this recipe.
Anything new I am trying, or I've tried and loved are on my Pinterest Board "Dinner


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