03 November 2013

Goals for the year, only 2 months left!

I almost forgot about this entirely! We have had so much going on with Halloween and sports and life but here it is, just a few days late. Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. I don't think we would have stuck with some of this as long as we have without them!
I don't think we made any major changes last month. Still keeping on track with my bag a week of stuff that has to leave, either to donate or resell. We need to do a big toy purge this month. Kids will be playing inside more and to reduce the frustration and chaos we need make sure we only keep what they are playing with.
I have still been sticking to my weekly cleaning schedule. It doesn't take as long because a lot of things just don't get as dirty. But it's not ideal either. I feel like all I do is stay on top of things and if I wanted to get to real deep cleaning or any projects I would have to do the cleaning first and then there is no time for the project. Something has to change, I have floor boards that need touched up and organizing to do. I think I will start with basic tidying of the main places and then focus on 1 room per week. Deep cleaning and projects might have a better chance of getting done then!

First up will be our Master Bathroom!
Starbucks and I broke up! Less than once a week and not missing it at all, I had one yesterday and I didn't even enjoy it. I think my 2014 goal will be cut it out entirely!

I have already grocery shopped for the main stuff this month, and still have $60 left of that budget for milk, fruits and veggies a few times!
I intended to keep ALL of our receipts but tossed the Trader Joe's one, where I bought frozen artichoke hearts, 2 packages of tortellini and mini cookies. $12. I also spent $20 at Costco on string cheese and clementine's. $16 then $4 on yogurt at another store.

I have had the opportunity to work some overtime, taking advantage of it here and there when I know it won't interfere with anything else. We were able to pay off another big chunk of a credit card. So far this year, between budgeting, sacrificing and a little overtime we have paid off $37,000 + in debt!
 Not out yet but closer and closer every month!
Our building at work has a gym and it's free!
 Working on kicking my pop habit, hoping I can break it over the next 2 months and be caffeine free in the beginning of 2014!
Super excited for Black Friday!
 We have been spending lots of time with our chosen family, they might not be blood but they feel like family! Lego kids fest, Disney on ice, trick or treating all helped October fly by.
We have family photos today, unless they get rained out.
November is full of chances to make fun memories, we don't plan on letting those go to waste!


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