03 September 2013

September Update

With the end of August we had a whole lot of changes!
Ryan got a job! He will be working close to where I work and is excited. But that changes our life a little bit, we don't know when we will get to start carpooling but soon I hope!
August was just strange, I purged a whole lot of stuff, went a little crazy on a couple sales. Overall things were just weird weird weird, but a good weird.
 We made it to the state fair and all pitched in on some stuff around here, couple of parades, audio books and a whole lot of swimming lessons
Paid off 2 more credit cards, just a couple more to go before we start paying on student loans!
Stuck to my Starbucks limit
Did horrible at grocery shopping, I am not a fan of limited time to grocery shop 
 I am so behind on so much. I think as moms we tend to put ourselves last. I'm guilty of that. Haven't been to the gym all month. Our office at work moved and I haven't even looked at other gyms close to us. On my to do list for September!

Still using those Target bags to purge
Went through every one's clothes again
Pretty sure I can park in the garage again!
My planner is about ready for the crazy schedule we are about to start, should be ready by the end of the week!

September Quick Goals
~Don't eat out, get/stay in habit of eating at home, even though it is going to be really hard with our schedules. Picked up a crock pot with a timer on it to help out.

~Find a gym, even if I don't join right now, find one that will work for us close to work.

~Work in the spare bedroom and call the realtor.

~Plan fall activities- football games, apple picking and we have family pictures coming up!


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