12 August 2013

Room Sharing!

After a year of a certain little boy never sleeping in his own bed or playing with his own toys that often, we decided to move him in with our oldest.
Bunk bed ordered and put together!
All in time for a new routine for school, think we are a little bit crazy!
But it sure gives them a lot more room to play than the big bed we had in there before.
Now we have a room to re-do!
It needs some major paint help and then we need to decide what to do in here!
It's not big but it's big enough to do something with!

We do use the closet for some hung clothes, and off season clothes.
Other than that it's free for us to do whatever with.
Right now it has a disassembled washer and dryer pedestal.. someone (oops) measured wrong.. so it was all built and just a little too tall.
I have already moved a little bit of my crafting stuff in the closet.
We will see if that is where it stays?!


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