24 August 2013

Back to School Fairy '13

It's almost that time! Time for the Back to School Fairy to stop by and leave a little treat and note for kids who are off to school in a week and a half!
I have concentrated on reminding them to be good students and good friends at school. This year will be the same but I think the fairy might need to remind them to help their mama after school one of the days!
As much as I really wanted to could have blown our Back to School Budget for the Back to School Fairy, I didn't!  Kept things really pretty mild but things I know they either needed or wanted.
Carsyn got a dress, the only dress I bought her for Back to School, a shirt for Ramsey

A couple little Legos I already had on hand, some hair glitter, new toothbrushes
And they each got a box of granola bars, those are a real treat for our kids, they don't get them often.
And Finnley has a Starbucks gift card for his first day of Preschool!
 Couple other little things, nothing too major but they will like them!
I know this tradition isn't for everyone and some people would rather just give the kids something from them and not the Back to School Fairy, but we started with the Back to School Fairy and I love that our kids remember it and ask about it throughout the year.
Check out past years here!

Who else is doing this, or something similar?


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