12 June 2013

Finally changing decorations around here!

It's been the same since I took Valentine stuff down the day after Valentines Day.  Very plain, but I like that sometimes. Been too busy and it just hasn't been a priority, but now that routines are getting closer to established I found a little time.  I wasn't going to but then I got the bins full of Birthday Stuff I have been collecting for years and the 4th of July bin was in front of them so it was already out! 
 Guess it was meant to be!

I can see that I need some updating to do, but finding time to do NEW stuff will be trickier.
I am not sharing everything. I've shared our 4th of July stuff the last few years, here, and here. So if you want to see some other stuff check them out. I am just sharing my favorites this time around!

I am still loving our Good Morning basket! 
Just added a new runner and some patriotic cuteness. Although I see the MnM's are already gone.

I love that Baseball is America's favorite past time, I think this is something I won't be changing, it's simple, inexpensive and I just love it.

 I made this little star on some burlap with little buttons, and the picture of my grandparents and a couple of their kids. We love keeping older pictures around too, not just the new fancy kind.

the container of cherries is one of my favorites, and my kids helped with the bucket of flags ;)

 Mini apple pie, it's a candle but I just cut the wicks and it smells delish!
I use the old grater for a candle holder, there is a little tea light in there and the star looks cute at night.
Outside eating stuff, straws, extra silverware, napkins and it's all cute! 
We eat outside a lot more once school is out.

Plain wreath, just a few little stars but the old fashioned bike is my favorite thing on the wreath.
And just to keep it real, while I am taking pictures of this fun stuff, I have a pile of ugly stuff I SHOULD be dealing with! Yup.. bills, and forms! Who knew football started in June?! Soccer and after school activities for next year all need to be dealt with right now. Where's the coffee?
I am thinking I should have added the pledge of allegiance banner I made to this stuff too, but I really like it for Back to School too. Life's tough decisions right? 


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