12 May 2013

1st week OVER

And we all made it out alive!
I didn't starve anyone, no one went to school nekkid so I guess those are both good things.
I missed my babies like crazy but I am SO SO thankful for family that is picking up our slack and making this transition a lot less stressful!

I thought I might need to lower my expectations of myself and how things would run around here but so far things are just working out, yes there are still some kinks but nothing major like I had envisioned going wrong. And I am sure 1 week is not the best way to judge it. I could tell by dinner time before 6 on Monday though that things were going to be better than I had anticipated

I do think having a plan is THE only way this all worked out.
Weekends are full of prep and family time. But I already feel like this Sunday was less hectic than last Sunday. Getting in our groove of laundry, tidying and dishes and all the little things that add up!


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