08 April 2013

Sparkle Party Inspiration!

I have the Party Planning bug and no plans for a party until September. I have no idea what we will be doing for our little guys birthday either. He isn't like most 3/4 year olds. We don't watch TV so he really isn't in to any characters, scared of garbage trucks and dump trucks. All those traditional 4 year old themes just are not him. Soo while I try to decide what to do for my Starbucks and Target loving boy I am checking out the party world for his little buddy. I think all 4 year old girls like glitter and sparkle.. right? Like it enough to make a party theme "Sparkly". Sure!

So when I pick a theme that isn't common,  that's not going to have a bunch of printables, or character plates and stuff. Like our little guys Lumberjack Party I like to make a list of all the basic requirements.
Cups, plates, napkins, banner, balloons and all those and think or look at ideas to make them fit my theme. There are some cute glitter ideas out there!

Just like when I clean I like to start from the top and work my way down.
Banners and Puffs/Poms/Lanterns

I can't share the banner yet but there are SO many banner ideas, and glitter can be added to anything. I am personally loving the letter style like I did for our Back to School Party
Could easily be made with glitter!
And pennant banners are always cute and easy to glitter. Just the glittered letters are easy to make, or find and match to most parties.
The tissue poms! Pretty sure there is glittered tissue paper
oh there is
Or if the lanterns are more your thing this is clever!
We almost always do basic, solid color plates/cups and sometimes pretty them up to work better for us. These cups with some added Washi Tape is SO smart, and cute and they make glittery tape!
And I personally wouldn't be putting glitter on any plates, no one wants to eat that kind of glitter.
But these are precious and just the right amount of sparkle without being expensive or hard to do!
Super easy! Those stick on rhinestones are often in the $1 bin at our craft store in a ton of colors!
They do make glittery plastic silverware but it's expensive. If you like the wooden utensils I think you could glitter those lightly without them dumping too much glitter later on into your food.
Oh, balloons. I saw this and thought it was a cute idea! And also inexpensive
And you could probably add the bigger chunky glitter confetti too, or certain shapes if that matches your party better. I think I would use clear balloons and colored glitter for most of them though.
And once you have the decorations done, the food part is fun! Especially if you have a main color.
I LOVE these cake pops! Edible Glitter can make any regular treat party worthy!
And if the kids are old enough they can handle hard candies these I saw on etsy would be SOO cute!
And I was thinking you could probably add the edible glitter to your punch but went on a hunt to see if someone had tried it yet. She didn't use it in punch but jam! And it is SO pretty!
That ^ has me convinced that there needs to be a little glitter in everything!
I think I would use the washi tape again
And make some fruit kabobs but make some little flags for the end of the skewers with the tape.
and maybe glitter some beads ahead of time, this is a cute idea!
 I am sure there are a million other cute ideas out there. But now that I have distracted myself from a party I REALLY need to plan for a few days I better start looking for boy stuff again!


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