06 February 2013

New record keeping for me!

I don't know about y'all but for me, the years are FLYING by, I feel like I am already forgetting little stuff here and there and it makes me sad!
I am on a mission to write more stuff down (along with taking more pictures, one of my goals for the year)
So I am going to make it part of my chore list on Wednesdays to write down as much of the cute/silly/funny/sweet/sassy stuff the kids did in the last week. What we did together, their little achievements and all the kind of stuff! 
 I want them to know how important these little things were to us when they get older.

No idea where this came from but I Love it!

I have a journal for each kiddo and they are in the cupboard in the kitchen with the office stuff, so it won't be difficult to drag them out and DO IT! When I am old (like in 6 months hehe) I will be glad I did this kind of stuff.
Any other suggestions for keeping records like this? Do you make time each week? Month, everyday? Spill and help a mama out!


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