25 February 2013

Another way we are saving!

Is Dollar Shave Club! Such a good idea!
My husband could easily spend a small fortune on razors, even with coupons we were spending about $15-$20 a month! A friend suggested this site, I was a little skeptical, but it has a ton of great reviews and a super incentive too! No this is not a sponsored post :) I just want to share when we find a good deal that requires NO coupon clipping or hunting anything down! It's easy, you sign up for your Razor of choice (number of blades) and how often you want them, they ship them to you automatically (no shipping on most of them) and it is SUCH a savings! There is no fancy packaging or advertising so it's ALL savings! Usually we by the Fusion ones, these are the same blades and aloe strip and only $6 a month for a new razor a week! (there are other options too) Some serious savings! And I like how "Manly" and simple their website is too!
Sooo go check it out, and save some $$$!


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