04 January 2013

Organizing Friday!

It's Baaaaaack!
Well this is the first Friday in a long time where I have a plan to organize something!
The Pantry isn't horrible after the holidays but it's easy and I am easing back into things!
It is also in line with my GOALS! Financially, I won't be buying something we already have. Home goals, I will be working on our stock pile by KNOWING what we have. My goal to lose this last 15 pounds will likely be a little easier if I can make sure we have HEALTHY snacks in the pantry.
Here is what happens when kids are home for 3 weeks!

I also cleaned up and out 2 cupboards a couple weeks ago. One I don't think I had opened in a year! So I moved the pots and pans and the cookie sheets to a smaller cupboard and it made a TON of room in one of the big ones. I am going to finish moving some stuff around and see if it works better for us!

I should  have some pictures of it looking MUCH better next Friday and another area to fluff!


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