29 January 2013

Light Valentines Decorations

We have too much going on to go full on crazy with decorations this year. But I did put a few out! 

I always do the wreath.. I have to look at it so often for dishes it needs to be pretty!

There is something missing here, not sure what it is or which kid snagged it though

I love using seasonal utensils. I can't leave the cupcake and kisses ones out all the time, but I bring out every pink one we own in February!

Some super pretty tulips from a sweetheart friend!
I love the fiesta pitcher, I seem to use it as a vase more than a pitcher though!

Thank you Dollar Tree picks for making cute vase filler 

See we don't always have things spotless. I think the little one was playing with the legos AND the cupcake.

I LOVE these little angel wings! I wish I would have picked up more! 

Little Pennant Banner from last year, thinking its getting either some enhancements or replaced if I can squeeze a couple crafting hours in.


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