03 January 2013

Hair, makeup and clothes

Since one of my goals is to put myself together more often I have to find a way to do it faster than I do now! I do my hair maybe every other day now and I do my makeup every few days. I have about 20 minutes to do it ALL in the morning, hair, makeup and get dressed!

Hair feels like the thing that takes the most time so the first thing I did to help with the time was cut my hair SHORT (for me anyway) I cut about 14" off and that alone has made it SO much faster to do my hair, no more blow drying for an hour and no more ponytail everyday! Pinterest (of course right?) has a ton of cute ways to do shorter hair that don't take a lot of time. 
This site is my favorite! She has lots of cute ideas that aren't overly perfect. I don't have time for perfect in the morning. I also spent a little time on Youtube, I don't use it often but I can see I could replace my Pinterest time with YouTube easily. I liked all of THESE too!

I have been setting out the hair stuff I will need the night before so I am not as tempted to just do a ponytail. Planning ahead is going to be the only way I can get hair and makeup done in 20 minutes! I also have been planning on setting out my clothes for the next day as part of my bedtime routine. I need a full length mirror, the 20 trips to the kids bathroom to use the mirror takes a lot of time!

Makeup is one of my weaknesses!  I just really like it. I have a few different brands/styles of the same color of eyeshadow. WHY?! No idea, sometimes I just can't help it! So I decided to go through and limit my choices to the few colors I am likely to use everyday anyway and get the clutter out of my
 "everyday" pile of makeup! I figure that will make it easier if I don't have too many
choices and can keep the others out of the way!

This is my eyeshadow stash, AFTER I went through it all and got rid of about half. This is still too many choices for everyday. So I kept out just the few I feel like I use the most down to this
I use everything in this drawer pretty much everyday. I had SO much other stuff in there taking up room and making it cluttered and hard to get to the stuff I actually use!

I also saw on Youtube there were a TON of "5 minute makeup". I seriously need to practice! It's crazy what some of them can do in 5 minutes! What I decided to do is use multitasking and basic stuff, tinted chapstick, tinted moisturizer or BB cream.. whatever it's called.
And basic eye makeup, no liquid eyeliner or anything time consuming! Pretty sure it will take more than 5 minutes still but less than it was!

I will have another post soon, on 2nd day hair, speedy makeup (I hope!) and my favorite outfit blogs!
And another on better skin and better hair! Less expensive for both and all natural! Y'all might think I am a nutter after reading that one though :)


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