29 January 2013

Goals.. 1 month in

The month is almost over! I haven't done everything I set out to do but I am chugging along!
I don't want to just be going through everyday with 1 goal in mind though either. We have reasons for these goals but they aren't THE reason for everything. While these goals are important, they are still a 2nd to making memories with the kids and being present in today. Sometimes it can be hard to love today when there are BIG goals for the future but today is JUST as important. Hoping we are showing our kids that in our actions and words.

How are y'all doing on your goals or resolutions?

Here is my list of things done.. not that any of them are a 1 time thing! All ongoing

~I have been organizing and decluttering every Friday! The amount of THINGS we have taken out of here just amazes me. All things we didn't need and that were just taking space and energy. I am really loving the letting go of things!

~I have been mindful of stockpiling things that won't expire when I have been to the grocery store and done a little. Peanut Butter on sale and some chicken stock. Not much but it will help down the road.

~Put our little asthmatics backpack together and hauled it all over! Haven't needed it, but don't want to need it and not have it either! His backpack has a change of clothes, a few snacks, water bottles and his inhalers.
He happily carries it with him to and from the car, it's almost as big as him but he doesn't mind!

~I've been to the gym! I can't believe how much I missed it! I haven't been good about making less trips into town and them surrounding the gym. Still working on that!

~I've already read 4 books (any suggestions?!) this year and watched very little TV. Completely stopped "reality" TV. It all just makes me sick how people can act and treat other people!

~Starbucks has taken WAY less of our money! I have had it a couple times outside of grocery shopping day, and both times it wasn't very good... so thank you Starbucks for making it a little easier for me to quit you altogether!

~Target hasn't seen me as much either! I have been SO much better about going, and when I have been going I have been very mindful about what goes in the cart!

~And I did get a part time job! It's nothing glamorous but the hours could NOT be better for our family, I know it's safe and something that will be good for my physically as well. After the first day of training I could feel some muscles in my arms that hadn't been used in a while. I will take that added benefit!

Still a LOT to work on, but managing to accomplish all those in 1 month AND still do fun stuff with the kids, we have been making an effort to do stuff as a family and individually with the kids, basketball games with daddy, roller skating with mommy. Stuff that isn't over the top, doesn't cost a lot or require much planning but 1 on 1 time is important to the kids too, undivided attention is important too.


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