10 December 2012

Last Monday before Christmas break!

And I am hoping to make this week as easy as I can!
I am SO ready for some time off from driving all day, some fun things with the kids and enjoying just being home more!

Monday~Chicken and wild rice with veggies
Tuesday~Chilli and Cornbread
Thursday~Pork Tenderloin Roast
Friday~Leftover Pork Sandwiches 

~Keep up with the usual weekly chores
~Move furniture to accommodate family event this weekend
~Finish up wrapping
~Finish touching up paint 

~The Trylle series, it's young adult and a good way to keep my mind off stress!
~I'm mid book on about 4 other books too
~Also reading up on blogs for Home Management Binders, bout that time to evaluate what's in mine!


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