13 December 2012

Kid Closets.. I need ideas!

The closets here are ever changing! Maybe once we get them just right they will stick around a while.

See, I AM doing better about not overbuying! He only has 4 or 5 dressy shirts instead of the 20 he used to!


And Carsyn doesn't even have her own, she just invades the boys! We like to keep some of the toys off the floor and walls and we use the closet for that. Finding the right balance of clothes/toys/storage and looking good is NOT an easy task.
Searching for ideas online and found these HERE, with sources! Gotta love Pinterest!

This one looks like more than we want to spend, but perfect with shelves and drawers and hanging areas

This would be perfect if we had a smaller dresser, his dresser is pretty deep. We still might end up this way for Ramsey, but with different closet doors!

If we didn't need clothes storage I would turn his closet into a cute little reading area and toy storage!

Simple, effective and for sure a possibility!

And there is just too much cuteness here. I think I was drawn to the pattern on those bags!

I like the rustic look here but I don't think we would want to build that much in a closet!

We aren't 100% sold on anything yet but I think we will be replacing sliding doors with regular doors, seem like that would lead to more options!

Anyone feel like sharing their kids closets?! I need ideas 


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