10 September 2012

Weekly Plan

This week is the start of school for Kindergartner and also the start of an even crazier schedule. 
This week we add, 2 play dates for the little one, 2 daycare kids 2 days a week, 4 soccer practices. And Hubby will be gone 3 days this week out of town! Bring on the crazy, we are ready for it!

Today it is suppose to finally feel like Fall and I love that.
We are taking advantage and using the slow cooker as much as possible!

Monday~Chicken and Pasta (in the crock pot)
Tuesday~Tacos (in the crock pot)
Wednesday~Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday~ Salmon and Rice

Around the House
 I am thinking I will start now with the Fall Cleaning, and instead of doing it all in 1 week I am going to do a little everyday. Split up into the 15 min jobs. I'll be sharing those coming up!

My usual weekly chores

Fun Stuff
It's all fun, even the crazy parts!


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