10 September 2012

Fall Cleaning

I love having a clean house for the holidays. But also for school and for the changing seasons. After months of dirt being tracked in since spring, everything needs some tidying!
Usually I do it by room and do everything over a couple days, a week max. But I just do NOT have that kind of time this year. But it still has to be done!

So I took these lists and went through them all for how long each job takes me.

And now I have my list by either 15, 30, 45 minute sections and a few that were longer than I split (like going through cupboards)

So now on my least busy days I will try to squeeze in either a 45 minute job, or a few 15 minute ones!

Planning on starting today, Monday and then sharing a couple options every few days on Facebook! Come join, and share some before and after pictures to help keep us all motivated!


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