18 September 2012

Before and Afters so far

I am embarrassed to share these before pictures! 
But keeping it real, and I wouldn't want anyone to think our place is always clutter free!

Pantry Before (well partway actually)

I finally went through all my cook books, and got real about the ones I might actually use. Got rid of the ones I won't use. Fixed the snack buckets. There were about 30 pieces of pirates booty in there just floating around, eww!
Scrubbed the shelves, and the floor. Moved our stock to our outside pantry. SO much better in there now!
And now I remember what I needed at IKEA last weekend. Darn! I was hoping to get a couple of the big file boxes to use to hold our cookie cutters and the other stuff in the green bucket. Those work just fine but I can't stack them and they just look messy.


the green bin and cookie cutters I need to replace

Those pictures are horrible.. but really it IS much better organized!

The Pantry actually looked clean compared to this!
Craft Cupboards

It really was a lot of Halloween fluff and a few Back to School left overs.
Moved everything to the bins they SHOULD have been in to start with.. SO much better!

And I have a whole little section of projects I NEED to finish!
But when you can't see them it makes them easy to forget.

Tomorrow I think my projects need to be out of the kitchen!


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