23 August 2012

Pickles and Ice Cream Shower Inspiration

I am just LOVING this theme for a baby shower! 
It's great for a boy or girl, or unknown.
I am not planning a baby shower anytime soon, but this is for sure my favorite!



The next thing I try to put together is usually the fluff, you know, the balloons, poms, and big decorations. Only because I have the worst luck with the DIY versions, I need lots of time to do and then re-do!

I love a wreath or some other door decoration to start things off
I would use a feather wreath like this one, or for less money a DIY Tulle wreath. In whatever color to go with your theme!
And these mini pickle ornaments are available all over the internet, and also at Christmas time in many stores.
And there are similar ice cream cone ones. But in DIY fashion, I would personally just use a few mini sugar cones and some tiny tissue poms or fluffy pompoms and make them for less money.

I love the ice cream balloons in bunches like these
But I like the style below better!

I couldn't find any pickle balloons, but I think 1 style of shaped balloons is plenty. 
I would use tissue poms for the other colors instead.
I would do green, and you could make the ice cream blue if it were for a boy, or white or chocolate for non specified.

For food I am always on the hunt for themed things. Sometimes it is hard to make a full menu with themed stuff and that is ok. Add what you can to your favorites and the themed stuff will still be memorable.
Some ideas for this are

Fried Pickles? Kinda crazy but maybe your guest of honor is a little crazy?

Cookies are ALWAYS good for getting your theme on the food or dessert table. 
How cute are these?!
Love the texture on the pickles!
And with cake pops still being SO popular, it wasn't hard to find some sweet ideas for this theme either.
Bakerella is amazing as usual!

and I guess pickles would be appropriate too.
And a huge pickle cake?! 
via flicker

And for other stuff I tend to just match the shape, or colors too.
I did see a big pickle candy mold, could maybe make a big green ice cube for punch? I'm not sold on that though :)

One of our discount stores has the colored plastic ones, and Dollar Tree usually has these ice cream glasses
which would be perfect for nuts, mints or chocolates!

Favors are one of my favorite things about parties and showers!
I am also a fan of edible favors usually.
If I were personally doing this shower I would have to
 have these seriously cute bags for some pickle shaped cookies!

Or these cute mini ice cream cartons, you could make Thank You stickers for them. Fill with homemade ice cream or other treat.


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