06 August 2012

4 Mondays left?!

That is all there is, just 4 little Mondays before school starts
Today is going to be a good Monday for us!

Our plan for the week is already starting to get more in line with what it will be like in Sept.
The Gluten Free thing was not easy, but not horrible either. So far so good, I think all these fresh fruits and veggies are making it a little easier to forget what they are missing.
Love this meal plan page!

Monday~Chicken and Rice
Tuesday~Turkey Nachos or tacos
Wednesday~Pasta and Veggies 
Friday~Date Night
Saturday~Turkey Burgers
Sunday~Salad with chicken or steak

Around the House
Clean off the porch and deck (if it's not crazy hot)
Work on Updating my Home Management Binder 

Fun Stuff
Riding Lessons
Party Prep
Craft Project

YouVersion Detox Plan
New Library Book (just finished Do it Gorgeously)

What is everyone else doing this week? All ready for Back to School?
 Squeezing as much out of Summer as you can?


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