24 July 2012

Built ins DONE!

I thought I posted about these a while back but I couldn't find it, must have just been Facebook!
My father in law is amazing. I am horrible about trying to explain what I was
 looking for and he made them perfect!

There was NOTHING there before, just the window. 
These are really tall, and obviously I am having a hard time filling them!
I've slowly been adding stuff to the shelves and to the room.
Picked up these curtains at Goodwill last week, they are Target Salvage still in the package an marked down  from Goodwill prices because whoever tagged them got marker on them. So I got a great deal on them and you can't see the marks unless you are really looking for them!

The black table isn't staying in there, I don't think. 
I finally made those pillows last week, just need to paint a "5" on one then I think I will be done!

I've got BIG plans for this wall! 
Just waiting for my supplies to come in the mail!

This little red table is empty. I don't want to put stuff in it just to fill it. It's waiting for the perfect things.
And I think our back to school ruler will live in here instead of the garage. The colors work well, especially once the new rug comes!
This is the one I ordered, hoping it's truly these colors!

And this is my favorite shelf!
I love the vintage camera and the old style books and our basket of random people ;)

Once I do my project and get the rug down I will share some more!


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