23 July 2012

Back to School (repeats)

Some of my favorites from years before are still on my MUST DO list this year!
This for sure makes our mornings and snack time run SO much smoother!
Snacks for the week

Check out the whole post HERE

Breakfast Planning so we don't get in the cereal rut!
Check out our weekly breakfast plan HERE

And one of my very fave new traditions is the "Back to School Fairy"

Last year was our first year and our kids STILL talk about it almost a year later!
Now is a great time to snag little trinkets in the dollar spots, or Target toy clearance!
This year I will try to take more pictures of our message boards and goodies!
I am going to try some new stuff this year too! All the details HERE

I haven't got the decorations out yet! We probably will do that August 1st if we aren't busy that day, but for sure not before then!
 I don't have any new ones for this year but I am hunting Pinterest for some ideas!
I do love how simple a big jar of crayons is though!
Check out last years HERE

And 2010 HERE

I'm sad that so many of my favorite styles for boys are too young for our oldest.. only a few years before the little one will go to school! Time to start prepping him for a bow tie ;)
My other favorite boy stuff is here
And girl here
Some of those outfits are still in rotation here for the first day of K!

We were dressing up and checking size and fit! 
Girl loves those fake glasses!

A post FULL of goodies HERE
These might be my fave!
especially since you can change things up for your family and what they like!

For sure going to have this at our Back to School Party!
it is SO good and just reminds me of school, PBnJ's and it's easy to make, the kids love helping!

One thing I do already have out is my re-done desk!
Check out the before here.. it was BAD!

Hoping to put together some kind of photo op for our party with this!

And I am sure by the time party cleanup is done one of these will sounds amazing haha!

It's a PBnJ Martini ; )
Find the recipe HERE

Those are some of my favorites from the previous years! Hope I can find some new favorites this year! Back to School season is my 2nd favorite "holiday"?! I don't even know what to call it, but I love it!


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