20 June 2012

How I organize my clothes

I've talked before about how I organize the kids clothes (even though THAT is a never ending process).
But now I am sharing my clothes. I don't know about you but I do NOT have time to look, or search for something in the morning, I already have a hard enough time deciding what to wear!

I try to keep them organized but I will be honest, putting laundry away is my
 LEAST favorite thing to do on the chore list!
So sometimes it gets out of control and I need an hour to fix things.

big ol' mess

We recently added a dresser to our closet for small storage, it could go in our bedroom but I prefer it in the closet, we have plenty of flat surfaces in our room already.

My basic method is, style (tank top, t-shirt, blouse, dress, sweaters, coats) then Solid or pattern. Next one is sleeve length, and finally color. So all my solid tank tops are together, organized by color. I don't have the colors in any certain order. But I should put them in the order I use them most! And I keep jeans, skirts and leggings in one of the hanging things. Just works well for me.

Now if only I could get hubby on board to do his ; )

How do you organize your closet?  


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