28 June 2012

4th of July Goodies

Between Pinterest, online magazines and all these wonderful blogs I am pretty sure I could share a hundred different CUTE ideas for treats for 4th of July!
I want to have some treats ready since it feels like it takes SO LONG for it to get dark enough for sparklers!

This one is really pretty and looks really complicated!

These little cheesecakes are simple and cute!

I used the BIG star marshmallows to make some S'mores Pops, and added the sprinkles to the cracker mix so they stick a little better. They don't look much like stars though.. they look like chubby stars!

These are SO cute, and you could do these for any event.. but the flags are SO sweet!

These are still a fave of mine, I have a fondness for pies :)

Cake balls have never looked more patriotic!

This would be an easy make ahead goody! (I need help with that since we will have NO kitchen for the 4th )

And of course there are more ideas on my Pinboard HERE :)

Are you planning any 4th of July treats? Share them please!


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