06 June 2012

4th of July Decorations

We are going to be gone a lot over the net 4 weeks so I didn't put everything out, but I did some and it made me realize how little we have that I LOVE. I need to make some, 
chances are it won't happen beforehand but after for sure. 
At the Farm Chicks Show I saw all kinds of cuteness, gave me some good ideas for some things I can do easy enough, now just to find the time!

I still need to decorate the wreath once I find some stuff in my supplies.

 Found this sweet little plate/cup holder at Cost Plus and I love it, I don't have any mugs that are 4th specific but I love what I do have and it's easy to haul everything to the table with 1 hand.

The baseballs are for sure one of my favorites!

The apple pie candle is also a favorite!


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