04 May 2012

Friday!!! Finally

This week of getting back in the swing of things has gone well as far as keeping house goes, but that whole balance thing still isn't happening, I've only been to the gym once and we didn't do much "fun" stuff this week.
I'd like to blame it on being super busy but I'm just not good at getting it ALL done.
Spending this week getting the house fluff done will for sure make it easier though!
I didn't get to organize anything really today, I was home for 1 hour before dinner, I don't know how workin' mamas get anything done!!

I tidied up the pantry a little, no major overhaul or anything. Looks the same as before but with groceries now!

And now I can see I really need to re attach some of that shelf liner!
Maybe next Friday, as long as next week goes as planned!!

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend and that it doesn't rain, it's dumping here!!


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