02 May 2012

Day 3

Life cannot just be about clean fluffy towels and sparkly tubs..
Mini muffin was determined not to do her tidying of her room today.. she is such a cute snuggly distraction!  We took a little break while the little one was snoozing to read and be silly a while.

I SHOULD have tried to convince her to let me manage that hair a little! Girl is obsessed with a braid lately, like Miss Ashley (one of her teachers)  She likes it messy.. yikes huh?

And I did get those bathrooms done! And a little organizing too!
I was kinda drooling over the sweet grey stuff at Target but the egg holder only held 6 so I let it stay on the shelf, until it went on clearance then I snagged it, didn't have any plans for it. But I love where it is now!

Perfect little jewelry catch all for my regulars!
And I got that HUGE spot on the mirror too :)


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