30 April 2012

Getting Back On Track Day 1

I really just let everything go the last month or 2 with sick babies, and sports things were just busy. On a mission to get back to normal (whatever that is). I never finished Spring Cleaning, so now I am trying to catch up, not in the same method I do my Spring Cleaning but slowly getting stuff done and ready for Summer!

This weekend I went through all the kids clothes (since I think we are finally done with snow!) and brought out the Spring/Summer stuff. Finishing up today. This involved getting bins from under the bed.. which then I decided if I am under there I might as well pull the bed out and get all the toys.. (who has read "If you give a mouse a cookie? Sounds familiar right?)  Then, since I had the bed out I decided maybe I will clean the baseboards, then since I had the furniture pulled out, I might has well re-arrange it. Some was too hard to move with it full of toys, so I went through everything. Replaced outlets, found a box of raisins from who knows when?! And then it was nap time and I wasn't done, but the boy needs his nap.. So I will do it all again to finish up.
AND the moral of my story is don't pull the bed out to get toys before nap time!

So here it is,

pretty sure I will be moving some stuff around, not sure I like the chest that close to the windows with our little dare devil.  And there are no pictures of the dresser because it has been living in our upstairs landing because Finn just won't leave those clothes alone, I was really getting frustrated 2 times a day putting away EVERY single piece of clothing that boy owns. And then he was crying at nap time one day, I went to check on him and he had 17 shirts on, not the right way, just pulled the necks down around his belly, and had a few arms on. He was totally stuck with 1 arm straight up in the air.. sooo no clothes in his room until he wants to leave them alone for a while.

And I DID get the Kitchen done! (Mondays usual chore)
Tomorrow is going to be just as good, regular living room cleaning and maybe I will tidy the laundry room. I guess it's good that it's dirty, means I have been doing laundry ;)


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