12 March 2012

Spring Cleaning Family Room

How is your Spring Cleaning Coming along?
 The sunshine we had for a couple days made it much easier!

Next to the kitchen, the family room gets the most use, there are always a few stray toys under the couch, dvd's out of order and fingerprints on nearly everything!
Here is the list of supplies I use to get ours done
~Apron, with pockets for all those little things I know I will find!
~Swiffer Dusters with the long handle (and a couple short handles for my helpers)
~microfiber cloths 1 for polish, 1 for glass
~Glass cleaner (I prefer Sprayway Brand, but will use vinegar in a pinch)
~Magic Eraser and vinegar in a spray bottle
~Baby Wipes

The family room doesn't take nearly as long as the kitchen does once the purging is done. 
~Start some laundry! Curtains and throw blankets and pillows all need it
~Move the rug to another room and put some baking soda on it, let the kids jump and dance around on it to get it rubbed in. I move it because I don't want all the dust settling on it.
~Dust the ceiling fan and bulbs
~Wipe down or dust walls
~Dust all the frames, don't forget the tops!
~Dust electronics, especially behind them.
~Dust all the knickknacks and fluff
~Polish furniture
~Wash windows and mirrors
~I give our oldest the job of organizing the DVD's
~I get hubby to turn off the pilot light on the fireplace, but we are going to wait a while on that, we have been using it far too much lately for it to be turned off!
~Clean couch cushions. I use baby wipes for this after they are vacuumed off
~And while the wipes are out I make sure all the light switches and remotes get a quick cleaning too
~Then I go around the room and wipe down the baseboards with the magic eraser and vinegar
~Finally to the vacuuming, I vacuum all over, move the furniture and vacuum under it too
~Steam mop the hardwoods 
~Then move the rug back in once all the baking soda has been vacuumed up, 
hoping it takes all the dirt with it!
~Put the curtains back up and the lighter throw blankets come out, heavier ones get stored.

That's it! I think we will reward all the helpers with a movie!
Should be able to get this done in the next couple days, then I will be starting on the bathrooms!


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