13 February 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Or lack of! 
I haven't been feeling all that adventurous to search for new recipes
 and we have a busy week with Valentines Day, basketball and a day with no school!

So I made a big roasted turkey last night, and for today we are having the white chicken  Turkey Enchiladas.
Tuesday~Stew and cornbread in my heart shaped dish
Wednesday~Spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday~Soup and salad
Friday~Turkey with mashed potatoes and veggies
Saturday~Pork Roast and veggies

Monday~Chicken,rice and veggies
Tuesday~Tacos unless I feel brave enough to try something Mardi Gras inspired!
Wednesday~letting hubby decide, I'm going out with my girlfriends to a movie
Thursday~Soup and Sandwiches
Friday~Turkey pasta bake
Saturday~Potato Soup
Sunday~Take Out


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